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Sandals Jamaica for honeymoon? Anyone been?

We’re considering where to book our honeymoon and sandals Jamaica is currently top of the list. Has anyone been? Any recommendations etc? We are getting married in December, does anyone know if that time of year is good or not good for the hurricane season in the Caribbean? Have heard conflicting things...Thanks!

My wife and I honeymooned at Sandals Montego Bay (there’s another six sandals resorts in Jamaica but I haven’t personally stayed there, so I’m not sure which one you’re considering?)  and trust me when I tell you we totally loved it. Amazing staff, gorgeous ocean view room, spa, massages, water activities and choice of ten restaurants for whatever food you fancy! You can book a suite / room with butler service too, but the extra cost can be quite a lot and the butlers do expect a tip on top. I say it’s worth it though for that extra hint of luxury, you only honeymoon once (hopefully!) NB it is next to the airport so you may hear the jets but we didn’t really find that too problematic once we got used to it. The weather, well you’re in luck as hurricane season ends in November and even in November it’s rare, I’m actually Jamaican descent as it happens and have been to the motherland many times visiting family 🇯🇲 ...would definitely recommend a Jamaican honeymoon and Sandals Montego Bay is an excellent choice for newlyweds! 

Thanks that’s helpful. We were looking at both Montego or Ocho actually, we’re favouring Montego from what we’re reading review wise but the flight path situation is making us wonder...was is very noisy?

We had the same debate and found this helpful.

We opted for Montego Bay only to find it was fully booked for our dates and so was ochi! We ended up staying at jewels Dunn’s river which was absolutely amazing, so would definitely recommend that as an alternative option should you struggle booking a sandals 


Thanks for this, that comparison was helpful, there’s quite a big price difference and we are now thinking ochi is the way to go, my beloved has decided she does not want to risk the airport proximity at Montego Bay as she’s a very light sleeper and will throw a full on fit if woken prematurely or kept awake more than once a week lol so I definitely don’t want to risk her being disturbed whilst on honeymoon lol, we will also look into jewels Dunn’s too as another option