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Which area of work is best? p& c? Also needing any Interview tips?

Hi, any one have advice for me re which area of work is best once I’m fully qualified, I’m a recent grad but atm still seeking actuary work. I ve heard P and C is the most lucrative, is that right? What about consulting? Also on the lookout for any good interview tips as I have something lined up and I’m nervous as coming across confident at interviews perhaps isn’t really my strength, I was shaky at my last and surprise surprise I didn’t get the job...any help appreciated, thanks

P and C I would say. You will work more hours consulting. Interview wise I totally empathise with you there, back in the day I had the same problem as a grad. Thanks to some good advice i got given, I overcame it and I don’t tend to struggle any more. So I am glad to have an opportunity to share a few tips that really helped me turn it around.

Practise makes perfect.... I had my mum and best mate interview me a few times, it worked, I got all the stuttering out of the way on the first few practises and they told me some simple stuff like having a strong handshake, making the right eye contact etc. Practise a few times with someone or ideally two or more different people you trust and are confident with to get other perspectives on your body language and speech etc and when you go in it’s not your first time you’ve been well drilled! When you go in, just pretend you’re back in the mock interview with your mum, friend etc and your nerves will be so much better.

Research is key....And, do your online research very very well on the company, be prepared with some key facts and figures eg company goals, turnover, employee number, any interesting facts, all available on their website and that always goes down a storm with every interviewer I’ve had and will also give you an extra confident edge. If they don’t ask, be sure to find somewhere to slot your researched info in appropriately eg if asked about past achievements you can say I did x y and z and I actually saw on the website one of the key objectives for the company is x. Not a great example I know but hope that makes sense!

Think like a winner....Also, never underestimate the power of right thinking. Do not go in thinking unconfident thoughts, although that ll be your natural state you must shut that down immediately and instead on purpose think the right things. I.e. Go in believing they will want me for the job, I am confident, I am the best fit for this role. Say it out loud whilst getting ready at home. What you hear yourself say actually has a lot of power. Research the art of appearing confident online, there’s some good stuff out there. I am not a naturally confident or assertive person but learning to do this has transformed me, my current boss actually said recently that at interview they were very impressed with my confidence! I do the same thing when required to give presentations in work which is thankfully not often! Remember, you don’t have to feel confident to act confident. Fake it to make it lol.

Look the part....And a final practical tip, sounds like obvious daft little things but always wear a well fitted suit you feel confident in. If you buy new, wear it a couple of hours, sit and walk in it and test it out. I went to an early interview in a new suit that actually had too long sleeves and half mast trousers (this was before I met my other half and when living in another city from mum lol) and spent the whole thing just fidgeting with my sleeves, realising I had my lucky Christmas reindeer socks on full display and feeling less than confident. I didn’t get the job. The next time I had an interview, I got a very well tailored suit and from that alone went in feeling like a different person. And I got it! Oh and if you opt for an existing suit, just be sure to try the clothes on in advance in case the fit has become less than optimal and to ensure it’s been dry cleaned! My youngest sister went to a retail store manager grad assessment day, unwisely she went in wearing a suit she hadn’t tried on for months and discovered on the day, too late, it was too small as she’d unwittingly gained weight. She also very cleverly decided to try out for the very first time those hold up tights stockings things. As the day drew on, she saw to her horror as she sat down for one task, the stockings were making their way gradually down and at the same time her too tight skirt was riding up, and in addition, some of her shirt buttons were now popping open...she laughed it off but apparently they didn’t think she portrayed quite the right image for John Lewis lol, although she did get a keen admirer in a fellow candidate lol. The next time she got an interview she made sure her entire wardrobe was tried on well in advance, fully tested whilst seated, standing and walking, and 100% malfunction proof! Simple things that might all sound a bit obvious and daft, but from experience actually makes all the difference to how you feel and come across on the day.

Remember, the interview panel don’t know you from Adam, they don’t know if you’re the most confident person in the world or the least, and will only get a snapshot of you on the day, so that’s your short window of time to go for it and make the impression you want. Be yourself, but remember even if you’re not the boldest lion in the pack you can still appear strong and confident in your mannerisms. I’m wishing you good luck!😉


Thanks so much that is helpful! I’m gonna research some right thinking stuff and get practising! And I ll be making sure my suit and hosiery are tried and tested 😂