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Interview mistakes to avoid

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on mistakes to avoid at interview, either ones you’ve had feedback on or from the employer perspective? First ...

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Sandals Jamaica for honeymoon? Anyone been?

We’re considering where to book our honeymoon and sandals Jamaica is currently top of the list. Has anyone been? Any recommendations etc? We are get...

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Which area of work is best? p& c? Also needing any Interview tips?

Hi, any one have advice for me re which area of work is best once I’m fully qualified, I’m a recent grad but atm still seeking actuary work. I ve ...

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Salary for actuaries?

What does an actuary earn? I’ve heard all kinds of things from 40 to 100k??...

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How can we help you?

We offer a wide range of services tailored for actuaries including cv checker, PA services, insurance and mortgage finder and many more...simply conta...

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A level grades

Hi, just wondering, if I get a B in maths a levels will this mean I can’t be an actuary? Heard mixed things. Also my ideal choice is Herriot Watt wh...

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