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Anyone have any experience of dealing with a difficult boss who seems to want you out? My line managers made it clear lately she’s not exactly my biggest fan and not even sure my contracts gonna be renewed. Not sure whether I’m be8ng paranoid and to just hang on in there or if it’s wiser to start making moves...any help or other experiences appreciated 

Had similar last year, after my contract was extended it all went sour,  manager took against me for some reason unknown to me and in the end I just had to leave. Thought it would be ok being paranoid etc and went on with it but then the manager started having performance review meetings and at that point you pretty much know your goose is cooked. Jump before pushed is what I thought and end of the day I was pretty stressed out so resigned said I’d got another job, which luckily I quickly arranged with a recruiters help lol...

Don’t take it to heart though. I went on from that experience to another job which was ok and then on to do my most profitable role yet contracting and prior to that I never had any problem in work and all good at a few jobs before that one. Just a personality clash when it came down to it I think, I guess it’s that old saying it’s just life and s... happens. My advice would be inclined to make moves ASAP. Don’t leave it to chance, end of the day it’s your quality of life every day too it’s never fun going through that kind of thing even if you are being paranoid which usually is nt ever the case, it still makes you nervous and unhappy and life’s too short...hope a help anyway, good luck...


Thanks so much for this Tony. Timely advice as actually have a review meeting already scheduled in!! We do get those as standard quite regularly in this company so may come to nothing but I was already nervous about it. So I’m not being paranoid it seems. Will get onto recruiters first thing Monday and plan my exit strategy pronto! I’ve actually just seen a job advert on here that I think I might go for. Time to go, do not want a bad ref etc let alone disciplinary etc but like you said if you can jump before it’s a push am guessing if I go ASAP hopefully all be ok. And yes you are so right about being nervous and life too short etc my partner says I’ve not really been myself in a while and I must admit I’m living for weekend and then the late Sunday eves are the worst psyching up for the week ahead. You do get comfortable after a while so I guess bit like being in a bad marriage there’s a tendency that’s it’s easier to just carry on, but when you start thinking deep down you know its not right for you and when you get so unhappy it’s notbworth it. Alwyas another job out there, we forget that sometimes. Hopefully like you the next one for me will be a big confidence boost as its much needed after all this. Stressful indeed. Will just be glad to see the back of the whole sorry episode tbh, but I guess it’s onwards and upwards. Thanks again