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Discussion Uni Corner & 6th Form

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Salary for actuaries?

What does an actuary earn? I’ve heard all kinds of things from 40 to 100k??...

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A level grades

Hi, just wondering, if I get a B in maths a levels will this mean I can’t be an actuary? Heard mixed things. Also my ideal choice is Herriot Watt wh...

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Work life balance as an actuary?

Hi I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me whether being an actuary is similar to doctors or solicitors etc in terms of work hours? I’ve got a co...

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Anyone been to Warwick?

Hi I’m thinking of studying Morse at Warwick does anyone have any advice what the course was like? Uni as a whole? Also was it the kind of course yo...

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uni courses and exemptions

Hi could anyone tell me which uni actuarial science courses are best to take and also are the exemptions actually an advantage....

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Uni Corner - Budding Actuarial Student?

Considering studying to become an Actuary?

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