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A level grades

Hi, just wondering, if I get a B in maths a levels will this mean I can’t be an actuary? Heard mixed things. Also my ideal choice is Herriot Watt who want A in maths but does anyone have experience of them accepting a B? I could well get an A I hope as I’m doing well in school so far but just needing to know the reality of the situation to plan ahead for worst case scenario really. Thanks

This will all depend on your choice of university and course. I understand/believe that Heriot Watts requirement for actuarial science is strictly an A in mathematics and students I am aware of who obtained a B were not accepted. Also, bear in mind that in a competitive employment market, actuarial employers tend to favour A grades, although an excellent degree may counter a B. The minimum iFoA requirement is a B in mathematics for membership. So in short a B grade in mathematics would not preclude an actuarial career but A grades are certainly preferable.


Agree re the employers, ideally you do want an A for maths, but a B wouldn’t completely write you off from getting into the profession I don’t think, although you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to certain employers...