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Salary for actuaries?

What does an actuary earn? I’ve heard all kinds of things from 40 to 100k??

Its a wide range starting from salaried roles of £30000 as a grad to over £200 000 as a topbod, all depends on experience and job title, see this link for a full breakdown...

Also if you become a contractor, you will be able to earn in excess of £500 a day, see also the salary survey on here for more details...

Generally speaking, this is a very well paid profession without too much of the blood sweat and tears (ie we aren’t actually working all hours God sends) required of certain others, put it this way I’m currently a contractor and it earns enough to keep my lovely husband in designer threads anyway while he works part time and looks after the kids lol. So, if you’re looking for well paid work, are into your maths and not afraid to work pretty hard whilst at school/college/uni and during the qualifying period (more exams for a few short years after uni to get fully qualified) and can get some good grades (it is a competitive profession), I highly recommend becoming an me you will be nicely rewarded for all the hard work in due time!👍


Thanks that’s really helpful! Answers the mystery of why I keep hearing different things