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uni courses and exemptions

Hi could anyone tell me which uni actuarial science courses are best to take and also are the exemptions actually an advantage.

Hi, i think there are a lot of good ones, I see a lot of people who have done courses at Kent, Cas, London uni's and Warwick. In recent years there have been a lot more uni's that offer actuarial science so those people are coming through now too.

They all get you the same exemptions in the end but some are harder than others so depends if you want a hard course! I can see there's a list of uni's on the site though so you can go through those. 

I think the exemptions are a good thing but it can vary, sometimes companies won't give you the raise for the exemptions until you've got experience. I've seen some managers who like it and some who don't but it shouldn't put you off for sure.