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Actuarial Exams

Exam Tips

  1. Do your revision carefully -  don't leave it all till the last minute and take the time to put the hours in, it will be well worth it in the end
  2. Do as many practice papers as you can - time yourself carefully
  3. Join our discussion forum for some tips from those who have taken and passed the exam you are about to sit!
  4. Don't go out the night before! Save the celebrations until after the exam and keep your brain fresh
  5. If you can, have something to eat and drink before you leave for the exam
  6. Make sure you have spare ink/pens with you and a spare calculator
  7. In the exam: keep calm - remember, the calmer you are, the better your brain will work
  8. Go to the bathroom before the exam starts!
  9. Read the question carefully before you answer - sometimes things are not what they seem to be
  10. Plan and allot your time carefully between questions - don't find yourself running out at the end
  11. Make sure you have some water, and a snack with you

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