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Are you an aspiring actuarial student?

Becoming an actuarial intern in a major financial organisation is a tremendous opportunity that will light the path for your future career.

Internships are typically offered for a period of 12 months, are paid and can lead to a full-time job offer upon graduation. They are generally looked upon favourably by prospective employers and give you great opportunity to see whether a specific organisation, geographical location or genre of actuarial work will be for you, prior to graduation. They can also give you practical actuarial workplace experience which can be extremely valuable and useful to know in your exams. On the other hand, the internship can also show you how your academic exams relate to real-life situations you will encounter as a practising actuary in the workplace!

Thinking of studying to become an actuary? Some universities offer internships as a part of your course, whilst others don't, so do your research carefully - see our uni corner for more details!

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