Actuarial Analyst - Bulk Purchase Annuities


£40,000 - £45,000



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8 months ago

BWD are a trusted recruitment partner for a wide range of Insurers, Reinsurers, Consulting firms, Broking Houses and Investment Banks. 

 The Actuarial profession continues to grow and expand, Actuaries are still in short supply around the world. As the world expands into new territories such as Artificial Intelligence the demand for insurance and protection will only increase due to society being exposed to new risks. Our specialist Actuarial division works across; Non-Life, Life and Health, whilst collaborating and complimenting the Pension/Investment Actuarial roles undertaken by the Pension & Benefits Division. 

 As a candidate, we can offer expertise, advice and market guidance so you can make an informed decision. We will guide you through the process without prejudice and of course with complete discretion.

Job description

Experience needed

£40,000 - £45,000 per annum, based London or York

Have you thought about joining a life office? Do you want to do something different to the usual reporting or modelling? Perhaps you're sat in a consultancy office somewhere being driven mad by clients? This established life office is looking for an actuarial analyst to join the Bulk Purchase Annuities team. With a particular focus on quotation and pricing, we're looking for someone who can produce bulk annuity quotations efficiently, accurately and on time.

Part of your role will involve providing scheme opportunities to meet new business targets, by supporting Deal Managers on small-to-medium schemes and working on project teams for larger/more complex deals. 

Depending on experience, either produce bulk annuity quotations or check the work done by others; ensuring quotations are calculated accurately, in line with the latest pricing basis and governance processes and are issued within agreed timescales

Soft skills will be crucial in this role: 

  • Effectively managing your workload and prioritising multiple projects appropriately
  • Supporting relationships with brokers and those resulting from existing deals, as required
  • Identifying areas for operational improvement and assist with user testing software developments.

Ref: V-60817

Contact Name Rabiya Ali





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