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8 months ago

The Emerald Group offers a professional actuarial and risk selection service that is valued and trusted by clients and actuaries alike. We offer a professional actuarial candidate selection service that is valued and trusted across the world. 

We continuously monitor the actuarial job sector so that we not only remain abreast of current demands but we are also well prepared to meet the needs of the future. We are established players in our areas of specialism with superlative relationships with our clients. 


We can work with you on a retained or contingent basis, delivering talented permanent and interim candidates. Our international network of offices also means we have the speed and agility to rapidly identify suitable candidates wherever they may be – ensuring that those business critical roles are filled with the right individual.

Job description

Experience needed


We are looking for actuarial students with the following:

  • Some (basic) understanding of pensions annuity data and contracting out (preferable)
  • Mapping data from interface into policy data (PDM) system and from the PDM system to generate RAFM input files
  • Testing of the RAFM input files to confirm they reflect the source data
  • Loading data to RAFM and analysing the results against the BAU position, accounting for the differences in  a report

Experience required:

  • 2-5 years experience in life or pension environment
  • Experience in analysing data understanding what is missing against what has been used historically (BAU) and logging issues for triage and correction

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