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Manager, Life Actuarial





Date Posted

9 months ago

BWD are a trusted recruitment partner for a wide range of Insurers, Reinsurers, Consulting firms, Broking Houses and Investment Banks. 

 The Actuarial profession continues to grow and expand, Actuaries are still in short supply around the world. As the world expands into new territories such as Artificial Intelligence the demand for insurance and protection will only increase due to society being exposed to new risks. Our specialist Actuarial division works across; Non-Life, Life and Health, whilst collaborating and complimenting the Pension/Investment Actuarial roles undertaken by the Pension & Benefits Division. 

 As a candidate, we can offer expertise, advice and market guidance so you can make an informed decision. We will guide you through the process without prejudice and of course with complete discretion.

Job description

Experience needed


You may be in a life office, looking around and seeing the same old, same old every day.

You may be in a consultancy practice, with no room to progress.

You may even be a in a job that you love but wondering what else might be out there.

If this is you, keep reading.


You could have a technical background in any area of being a life actuary, from capital management, to modelling, analytics or even investment advisory.

But what you’re looking for is a new challenge.

Here’s an opportunity for you to get involved with a whole range of clients. As part of an external advisory team, you will work in a project-based team to consult with life insurance clients in the UK and internationally.

You will help to create insight for clients to improve commercial decision making and assist in the delivery of key projects.


With room to move around the business, you will have the option to try different areas and explore your interests in a way that suits you. You will be rewarded with a highly competitive salary and fast tracked career progression.


You will need to be FIA qualified to be suitable for this role.

You will bring a track record of experience in the life sector – either in industry or consultancy.

Ideally, you will have some people management experience.




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